Finding the right job for you.

We offer a wide variety of positions for your employment opportunities. We not only focus on the oil and gas industry but many different industries to help find the perfect job for you. We post new jobs frequently, so whether you’re looking for engineering, drilling, safety, office administration, IT or trades positions there’s always an employment opportunity waiting for you.

Before Applying for a Career with Puglisevich USA

A resume is an important tool when applying for a position within a company. A resume tells an employer who you are, what you’ve accomplished, your qualifications and why you want this career.

You always want to tailor your resume for the career you are applying for and make sure all information is on the resume, so you are not screened out prematurely.

Please review and ensure that the following points are all captured on your resume:

  • Contact Information [Name, Address, Email and Contact Number]
  • Objective [What position are you applying for and what skills you have that make you stand out]
  • Education [List any education programs or certificates you have obtained along with dates completed]
  • Employment History [Position Title, Company, Dates worked (specific dates), List of Duties that you completed] [*review the ad, look at duties and add anything applicable to show the company you have those skills]
  • Certificates [if certificates are required, please list all that are valid along with expiry dates]

Fraud Alert

Puglisevich USA have been made aware of falsely advertised job opportunities with Puglisevich USA & other companies. You will only be contacted by a legitimate representative from Puglisevich USA if you have applied for employment with us or one of our recruiting offices directly. More information